Green walls from living plants

Treat yourself to a green wall or to a vertical garden in the interior. Your space will breathe as if it had lungs of its own. Green walls with living plants humidify the air and create a general feeling of well-being. Get one and you will breathe better yourself. Our green walls significantly reduce stress and chances of illness. You will enjoy work and life more. It's all about the balance.

The technology we use for our green walls and vertical gardens is a very simple, yet ingenious and ground-breaking in its essence. First, we install hanging containers on a perforated support plate made of waterproof material. Special hydroponically grown plants are then inserted into each of the containers. Each plant has its own wrapping.



The plants are carefully arranged in the individual containers so that each of them has enough space to grow, breath and to develop its root system. Each plant has direct access to water with nutriens as well. In case a plant does not thrive, it is possible to simply replace it without disturbing its root system and the green wall as a whole. This solution thus ensures long-term sustainability and stability. No special conditions are required to build and maintain a green wall - FLOWER WALL does not require any special water supply or drainage. Not even a water tank that might disturb the overall look. The vertical garden FLOWER WALL may therefore grow literally from floor to ceiling. FLOWER WALL only needs to be watered once in every 3-4 weeks. Moreover, in case of lack of water in the system FLOWER WALL simply sends SMS.

FlowerWALL technical data HERE

FlowerWALL schema HERE



We use exclusively full-grown plants so that the wall is already full and green when handed over to the customer. The customer then does not have to wait for the plants to fill in the empty space and the overall green look is not disturbed. We choose plants personally abroad at two most qualified growers of solely hydroponic plants.

FlowerWALL vertical garden system is based on hydroponic cultivation. The plants are cultivated in a water solution without using any substrate, which is the cleanest and safest way of growing plants. We supply plants with a height ranging from 25 cm to 45 cm. Cataloge of mostly used hydroponic plants HERE.



The cleanest way of growing plants >long-term sustainability of the FLOWER WALL system - absolute minimization of the occurrence of allergens, pests and fungi - plants do not require any future repotting -water saving- fertilizer saving- healthy plant growth - the root system breathes better, it is not "buried" in the substrate.

What is hydroponics?
The popularity of hydroponics is rapidly increasing, because of the fact that it significantly simplifies plant maintenance and care. The history of hydroponics dates back to the 17th century. Plants cultivated this way need to be watered only once in four weeks, or twelve times a year. Part of the root system grows in a special granule-filled container (ceramsite immersed in water). Thanks to this, the roots are able to receive a sufficient amount of CO2 from the air - the plants grow better and healthier. Due to the absence of substrates and the breathing roots, the probability of diseases and fungi, which are very frequent in traditionally grown plants, is significantly decreased. Even when the water level drops to the absolute minimum, it is not necessary to water the plants right away. Three to four days without any water does the plants good too.




Lightning is one of the most underestimated factors that influence growth and general prosperity of vertical gardens. We recommend additional lightning even in places that might seem light enough. Based on the measurement of light level using special divices we determine the amount of light sources. It is possible to install FlowerWall even in places with no light whatsoever - a few of the light sources are enough for healthy growth of plants. We provide special LED lightning with enough PAR (Photosynthetic Active Radiation) that is essential for their growth.

Lightning technical list HERE



There are several possibilities of watering vertical garden depending on their scale. Smaller green walls can be watered manualy while with bigger scale projects it is more comfortable to connect the green wall with building's water supply using semi-automatic or automatic irrigation system. Semi-automatic and automatic irrigation system can also include GSM water level controller which sends SMS in case water drops under certain level. In any case the green wall should be watered once a month, that makes 12x per year. We always choose the best option depending on local and technical conditions.

Irrigation technical list HERE





Tips and recommendations:

We do not install our green walls in moisture-absorbing growing beds and we do not recommend this method to our customers. This type of green walls is suitable for short-term installations, but dead plants are very difficult to remove and substitute. The roots are intertwined and any removal of affected plants damages all of the adjacent healthy ones as well. Furthermore, the hydrodynamics of the material get disrupted and water distribution becomes uneven. Various kinds of fungi can start appearing, which practically destroys the installations.

In the case of green wall / vertical gardens using common substrate, you need to remember (among other things) that the plants need replanting every two to three years. If the replanting does not happen regularly, the substrate degrades completely over time. It begins to suffocate the root system and plants cease to flourish.

How we work


Arrival to the customer 


Installation of the supporting structure


Suspension of individual containers


Irrigation system installation (optional)


Inserting plants according to the agreed arrangement


Application of supporting substances and filling the system with water


Installation of special LED lighting for plant growth


Handing over the green wall to the customer


Final cleaning

4. week after installation

Comprehensive wall inspection including complete service FREE OF CHARGE

Monthly service

We provide a regular green wall service, including a guarantee for all plants


Delivery of FlowerWALL, including automatic irrigation system and lighting.


Supply of hydroponic plants and vertical plant climbing systems, flower pots and moss walls.  


Delivery of a Flower Wall vertical garden with hydroponic plants
- 450 hydroponic plants
- irrigation system
- GSM module for water level monitoring
- special LED lighting for plant growth
- corner components to pass a Flower wall across a corner


Production and installation of moss walls, planning of installation and realization of a pond under the staircase, installation of stairway intermediate levels with living plants, production of impermeable plastic inserts.

Family house Benice

Delivery and planting of flower pots and plants

  • consultation with the customer on site
  • selection of suitable flower pots and plants
  • After sales service


Moss wall and moss column


Delivery of a Flower Wall vertical Garden from hydroponic plants
- 400 hydroponic plants
- irrigation system
- GSM module for water level monitoring
- special LED lighting for plant growth


Production and delivery of a conserved moss wall with a manually inserted logo.


Delivery of FlowerWALL 850x150cm , connection to the water and wastewater system, delivery of special LED grow lighting.


Production of moss decorations for the Company exposition of Becherovka at the Berlin Bar Convent 2018
Production: M-ocean
Booth design and construction: Atelier Novo50

Family house Prague east

Complex equipment of a winter garden interior

  • processing of the architectural design
  • on-site consultation
  • recommendation of suitable subtropical plants and pots
  • delivery and planting
  • regular maintenance including plant guarantee

EWE Ústí nad Orlicí

Installation of a hydroponic vertical garden 5m (w) x 3.30m (h)

- supply of special LED lighting for plant growth
- installation of irrigation system
- a total of 480 hydroponic plants planted


Delivery of a green wall from live plants and production and delivery of a moss wall as a background for a waterfall.

  • wall size 175 cm x 300cm, with a total of 144 hydroponic plants



Green FlowerWall walls in the company's lobby. For technical reasons, the walls could not be connected to the water or wastewater system. The watering is done by hand approximately once a month.


Production and delivery of moss images including stainless steel frames.

Aquapark CHRUDIM

Dodání vertikální zahrady FlowerWALL, napojení na vodovodní řad a odpad.

PKF - Prague Philharmonia

Regular delivery of bouquets for PKF concerts

Private company in Prague

The overall furnishing of the company's interiors with pots and plants

  • regular plant maintenance
  • deliveries of cut flowers


Decorating a column with 100% flat moss


Complex revitalization of the exterior greenery

  • elaboration of an architectural design
  • establishment and installation of new flower beds
  • delivery and planting of 22 plane trees (height 9 m) and 15 apple trees
  • delivery and planting of special flower pots 

JRD Prague

Delivery of moss paintings including production of stainless frames for JRD s.r.o.

Family house Osnice

Delivery and planting of flower pots and plants

  • consultation with the customer on site
  • selection of suitable pots and plants
  • After sales service

VWR Stříbrná Skalice

Delivery of a FLOWER WALL vertical garden with117 hydroponic plants and delivery and installation of special LED lightning for plant growth.


OC FUTURUM Hradec Králové

Planting indoor plants

Mobile green wall for an event

As the only company in the Czech Republic we can supply / lend a wall of live plants for a single event. 

CEMEX Prague

Production and delivery of atypical flowerpots and plants Ficus Nitida

Family house Předboj

Supply and installation of mature bonsai plants including flower pots and indoor plants

- consultation with the client on site

- design of suitable plants and pots

- graphic design processing

- delivery of plants and pots


Delivery of a vertical garden with live plants for the 10 years anniversary event for Club SASAZU.



Production and delivery of a moss wall from 100% flat moss.

Floral decorations

Production and delivery of floral decorations for a pharmaceutical congress


Production of a moss image - ratio of bun to flat moss 50/50.

Moss image - Prague

We are the first in the Czech Republic and probably also in the world to present real moss images based on the principle of arrangement. It is all about design and production - every picture becomes a complete original. 

We create an entire collection of artworks in various formats and designs. Watch our website - we will soon present a complete collection of moss images.  


Delivery of designer flowerpots Kasper and hydroponic plants Ficus Moclame.

Modrá Pyramida

Delivery of plants, flower pots and moss strips for columns. 


Family house Varndsdorf

Delivery of a hydroponic green wall FLOWER WALL


Production and delivery of a green wall made of mummified flat moss including logo


Rental of a mobile vertical garden for the HydroGarden exposition at the Cannafest 2017.


Delivery of a hydroponic wall from live plants in the foyer of the company including special LED lighting.

BONDY CENTRUM Mladá Boleslav

FlowerWall connected to the water supply system, fitted with a semi-automatic irrigation system and GSM module. Installation of special LED lighting for plant growth.


Delivery and installation of moss walls and delivery of artificial grasses

  • individual elements made of bun and flat moss
  • moss image in the reception area
  • moss walls in lift portals
  • c


Delivery of a hydroponic wall from live plants for the reception area of Promoangel s.r.o.


Delivery of hydroponic vertical gardens FlowerWALL. The walls are connected to the water and wastewater system and fitted with a semi-automatic irrigation system.


FlowerWall in combination with a concrete putty and a moss wall made of 100% preserved bun moss.

KOLKOVNA bistro Prague

Delivery of the FlowerWALL vertical garden and moss walls from flat conserved moss.

Design The Prague Outlet

Elaboration of the design of patio flowerbeds including plan and 3D views.


Complete supply of interior greenery.


Moss wall with geometric shapes backlit by a LED strip. Combination of flat and bun moss in 50/50 ratio.


Delivery of vertical gardens and special lighting.


Delivery of moss walls from bun moss


Delivery of vertical gardens FlowerWALL.


Delivery of plants and pots, production and installation of hanging systems.


Dodání zelené stěny FlowerWALL včetně speciálního osvětlení.

NOBIS Florencie

Zapůjčení zelených stěn pro stánek kanadské módní značky Nobis na módní veletrh ve Florencii.

Take a look, how we work