HYDROPONICS - The cleanest and easiest form of growing plants

Hydroponics is growing plants in water without medium or soil, exactly. The root system is partly submerged into water and poured with hydrogranules. It enables the plant to accept CO2 from the air, and grow better and more healthy. There is also almost eliminated possibility of moulds and illnesses due to the absence of soil which are to be found when growing plants in the traditional way.

Plants grown by this method takes nutrients out of water only - so called nutrient fusion. The nutrients are delivered by very easy and precise method - there goes only the substances that are applied in the medium into the root system. Nothing remains and nothing erodes in the soil. Nutrients are applied three times a years only thanks to our special hydroponics flowerpots. Watering the plants is necessary once in 2 to 3 weeks, in dependence on the flowerpot type.

Hydroponics plant care is for everyone. It is easy to manage it thanks to the dependable water gauge even without any previous experience.




We have prepared ready made sets of hydroponic plants and flowerpots to make you growing even more easy at home or in the office.

The sets contains a flowerpot in any RAL colour you like, a hydroponic plant, hydroponics self-watering set, hydrogranules, and a 12-month-set of nutrients. You do not need anything more to grow your plants healthy and easily. This type of growing prevents overwatering or let the plant get dry.

Try the catalogue of complete sets here in pdfHERE. 


You can grow hydroponically almost any plant you like. If they get access to regular and balanced mineral supply like Magnesium, Phosphor or Kalium, the plants do not need the medium or soil any more. Hydroponic plants then grow at much smaller area then plants need for growing in soil. It means that they have smaller root systems and can be grown in smaller pots. It gives you larger availability of pots and better handling options.

You can take a look at the hydroponic plants photos below. They had been taken at our supplier - a company with 25-year-history that focuses on hydroponic plants only from the very beginning of its existence. We can guarantee you the best quality, travelling to pick up the plants personally.



Hydroponic plants are supplied in special pots with hydroponic adaptation. The plants are placed in special growing containers and covered with hydrogranules. Each the container is equipped with a water gauge which shows the exact amount of watering. Each the pot has also a filling well for nutrients application. We provide a full 12-month-nutrient dosage toward the full growing sets.

  • Hydroponic sets is not necessary to be replanted in the future

  • The exact amount of watering and nutrients application

  • The root system breathes more easily - your plants will grow easier and healthier   (roots are not “burried” in soil)

  • Almost definite absence of cankerworms, allergens and moulds. Also no weed at all

  • Hydroponically grown plants can stay in limited space. They won ’t need more space and bigger pot as they grow bigger during the time


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